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The Free Web Site You'll Give The FSBO!

Okay... But Why Would You Give A FSBO A Free Site?
Very Good Question... Here Are The Top 4 Reasons!

1. First Of All... You're Not Going To Charge A Cent!

We agents know the massive majority of FSBOs will not sell and will need to eventually list with an agent. So at least with you, they are getting a website without having to pay for it.

2. Empowers You To Establish Rapport With FSBO!

Intelligent FSBOs who understand the cost & value of a website will certainly 'thank you' for giving it to them for free.

3. Separates You From Other Agents... FSBO Instantly Perceives You As An Elite Agent!

The free site instantly sets you apart from other agents... proving to the FSBO you are an Internet expert.

4. Breakthrough... Listing Appointment!

In time... as the FSBO realizes its harder to sell a home than they initially thought... they invite you over to list their home.

"Watch This Video For More About The Free FSBO Site!"

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So... How Does The FSBO Activate This Cool Free Site?

Here's The Best Part... You Are Going To Love This!

** On The Flyer Is A Website Address **

The FSBO Simply Goes Online To Get The Site From You!

A. You are given this 'Request Website' to use with FSBOs when you join List-A-FSBO.

B. Your 'Request Site' is where FSBOs go to request a free site from you.

C. You put your 'Request Site' website address, we give you that for free, on all your flyers, mail out, emails, advertising, etc.

Let's Say That Again...

1. With this system, you'll never need to directly prospect a FSBO ever again.

2. You simply send a flyer, sit back and wait for FSBOs to take the site from you.

3. The FSBO reads your flyer, goes on the Internet to the website on your left. (It's called a 'Request Site'.)

4. On the 'Request Site' there is a form the FSBO completes to get the free website. (Too simple!)

5. The FSBO does NOT ... did you hear that... DOES NOT... need to contact you to get the free site.

6. When The FSBO takes a site from you, the system automatically sends you an email to let you know.

7. This happens even if you are sleeping, golfing, or shopping.

8. Now you are in the pleasant position of working with only FSBOs who have contacted you!

Yes... This Is A Rejection Free Automatic Listing System!

** You Work With Only Those FSBOs Who Contact You! **

Why Bother With the Ass%* FSBOs Who Only Like To Give You Trouble!

Watch Video Now!

Video: Demo Of The FSBO 'Request' Site!

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Big Time Bonus for YOU!

"Free Buyer Leads ... Yes FREE Buyer Leads Too!"

The Super Secret The FSBO Does Not Know About The Free Website!

** You Get All Buyer Leads & Buyer Contact Information Too! **

Let Me Explain!

A. On the FSBO site is a form buyers fill out when they want to contact the FSBO.

B. You get a copy of all buyer emails sent to the FSBO. (Including buyer's name, email address, & content of the email.)

Imagine... FSBO's Spending Their Money To Give You Buyer Leads!

FSBOs spend their own money on advertising to drive traffic to their sites.

When their buyers visit the FSBO's site and complete the online form... you get that buyer's contact information.

Think About How Awesome That Is!

Let's say you have given away 50 free FSBO sites. That means you will have 50 FSBOs spending their own money to send you buyer leads.

You could potentially get hundreds of free buyer leads every month!

Now That's Crazy!

What agent in their right mind would ever say no to FREE buyer leads!

Yes Free Buyer Leads For You...
Potentially Hundreds of Them!

Watch Video To Learn How!

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Lets Take This Idea Up Another Level...

"I Am Going To Ask You To... Think Bigger!"

Are You Ready To Dominate Your City & Clean Up Big Time?

If So... Then Get Excited About This 'Master FSBO Website'?

Let Me Explain!

A. Lets say you give away 50 individual free FSBO sites to 50 FSBOs in your city.

B. Each one of those 100 sites are automatically uploaded to your 'Master FSBO Website'.

Yes... If You Want You Can Control Your City!

Simply use the power of the Internet... to drive even more sellers and buyers into your hands.

Yes... If You Want You Can Explode Your Income!

Say goodbye to money worries for good... by putting this automatic system to work for you.

Yes... If You Want You Can Live Your Dreams!

There's nothing that can hold you back... when you have this automatic system working for you.

Bigger Is Better...
And Bigger Thinking Leads To Bigger Income For You!

Watch Video Now!

Video: Dominate Your Local FSBO & Buyer Market!

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Quick Summary Video On How The 'List-A-FSBO' System Works!

So Easy... Even A Kid In Grade 1 Can Do This!

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How the 'List-A-FSBO!' FSBO prospecting system works. This video will give you a quick overview of the system and how you can use it to list more 'for sale by owners'.

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