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How The 'List-A-FSBO' System Works!

Watch This Explanation Video To Learn How The 'List-A-FSBO!' Prospecting System Works.

You can also read more about the system below (under video).

How the 'List-A-FSBO!' FSBO prospecting system works. This video will give you a quick overview of the system and how you can use it to list more 'for sale by owners'.

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'List-A-FSBO!' Is Very Simple

Here's How It Works!

1. You as a Realtor join 'List-A-FSBO'

  • So affordable any agent can say yes.

2. Your Own 'FSBO Request Site'

  • This site is given to you when you join.
  • What is a 'FSBO Request Site'?
  • It is the site where you would ask a FSBO to visit so that the FSBO can give take a free site from you.

3. Your Own 'Master FSBO Site'

  • This site is given to you when you join.
  • This site is used for city wide Internet marketing.
  • All individual FSBO sites are automatically uploaded to your master site.

4. Automatic Marketing System

  • You do not need to even speak to a FSBO.
  • All you do is mail, or drop off, a flyer/postcard to the FSBO.
  • The FSBO reads the marketing message.
  • The FSBO then goes online to your FSBO Request site and takes a free site from you.
  • Immediately the system emails you to let you know a FSBO just took a site from you.
  • Now you decide what to do... we recommend to follow up by email.

5. Buyer Leads

  • Any time a buyer completes the buyer contact form on the FSBO's site... you are sent a copy of that email.
  • It includes the buyer's name, email address, and exact message sent to the FSBO.
  • Now you can follow up with the buyer to try to sell him a home.


  • It just can't get any easier then this!
  • And the entire process takes no more than 3 minutes from start to finish.
  • So go out there and get as many FSBOs as you can on your FREE FSBO WEBSITE service!

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